• Blanche de Monicord Sauvignon Blanc

    Sauvignon Blanc

    A dizzying array of sensations. Crisp, fresh but oh so powerful!

  • Rose Monicord

    A summer dream

    Sweetberry, tart cherry and all in between present themselves unabashedly. As they should.

  • Carmine de Monicord

    Merlot Cabernet Franc

    A cigar, dreaming of upcomig travel, nostalgic moments, good company all this Carmine makes happen

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    For the artwork of the 2012 labels, Audrey is honoring the birds present in the vineyards of Monicord, she has observed over the years. Out of this passionate and tedious study resulted a series of 6 delicate and refined with gold leaf printed labels. Presented 6 bottles in a wooden case

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    The handpicked 2015 vintage of organic greengage plum was cold macerated at the winery for several hours with organic lemon verbena to gently bring out all the beautiful flavours. Enjoy at breakfast or dessert, it’s too good not to.

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    Six upon a time.........at Clos Monicord. One wine, 6 bottles, 6 labels. A subtle red wine now ready to drink. Last bottles available online only. 

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    Wrapped in a cloak of secrecy its dark color and dense nose signals secrets from deep within. Intensity is not its middle name, it is its firts and last. Honor it. Savor it. Save it. The artwork of the 2011 label is printed with gold leaf and depicts the fauna and flora - the full biodiversity - of the vineyards of Monicord.

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    6 upon a time....... at Clos Monicord. One wine, 6 bottles, 6 labels. A great wine which can be enjoyed now or in the coming 3 years. Last bottles only available on internet. 

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    Sensual, yet serious with a flare for the dramatic. Softness enters, substance exits. Gives pleasure now, more later.

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    A unique wine from a great vintage. Only a few bottles left. Awarded 2 stars in the Hachette Guide 

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    It is all about football in the coming months and therefore Monicord x Love & Saincrit, are joining forces to build a great team! 3 Wines from the Monicord series, 3 wines from the Love & Saincrit series, an A5 Madame Monicord poster and a couple of medals for the all-time winners. Free delivery

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Monicord by Audrey Bakx

Artist, winegirl and creative brain

All the products are created, selected or blended and packaged in a unique manner by Audrey. Story telling products one of a kind.

Clos Monicord

Honest, sustainable and innovative

A family vineyard working the vines and nurturing the grapes to respect the given ‘terroir’ and harvesting the grape berries at perfect maturity of each parcel before the wine making process. A philosophy that puts upfront precision viticulture, and minimal intervention to produce an honest wine